Rhino Collision King Scrum Sled

RHINO is pleased to announce the launch of a unique piece of rugby training equipment. The Rhino Collision King greatly assists coaches in one of the most vital aspects of the modern game – the breakdown or 'collision', helping to develop correct technique.

'One of the biggest breakthroughs in rugby training equipment in recent years' – Jim Telfer

Most leading coaches and commentators believe that the Rugby World Cup 2011 will be won and lost at the breakdown or ‘collision’ – the winning sides will be those that are able to bring top quality technique and practiced aggression to this aspect of the game. Richie Gray, an experienced specialist skills coach based in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders has spent a number of years developing a simple yet highly effective machine to enable players to practice correct body position and technique in this most important phase of play. He has just recently teamed up with Rhino Rugby to launch the resulting product – already based on demonstrations of the prototype England, Wales and Scotland have ordered multiples of the Rhino Collision King for their Rugby World Cup training camps and interest is flooding in from around the rugby world.